UIContest:  America's Premier General Knowledge Contest in Game Show
Format for High School Students and Their Parents.

DESCRIPTION OF THE CONTEST:  UIContest is a general knowledge contest
between teams from area
high schools. A unique feature of UIContest is that teams are composed 
high school students and their parents/guardians. The contest, which 
takes place annually, was successfully held for the first time in
April 1998. The aims of the contest are to increase parents'
participation in their children's education and academic
activities, to introduce talented high school students to UIC
...and to have fun! 
VENUE: The next contest will be held at UIC on Sunday, November 11, 2001
in the Illinois Room, Chicago Circle Center, 750 S. Halsted Street, 
Chicago. The early rounds will be played in the morning. Final round matches
[quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals] start at 2 p.m.
ELIGIBILITY AND PARTICIPATION: The deadline to register is October 12,
2001. Each school may field up to two teams. There is a registration 
fee of $40 per team. Schools will find UIContest challenging,
rewarding and enjoyable.

CONTEST FORMAT:  Participation by parents is a novel aspect of the
contest and highlights the important
role of parents and guardians in their children's education. Teams are
composed of three high school students and
their three parents/guardians, all associated with one school. The
contest consists of a series of elimination
matches between two teams. Each question is won by the player who
"buzzes" first. The team which is ahead at
the end of 30 questions wins the match. A match will take about 20
minutes to complete, but several matches
may go on simultaneously, depending on the number of teams. 

Short-answer questions are worth one point each. Every fifth question is
more quantitative, requiring some
analytical skills, and is worth 2 points. The questions will be drawn
from a wide variety of categories including
language, literature, movies, television, science, math, geography,
history, social science, music, arts, current
events and sports. 

PRIZES: The students of the top 4 teams will get paid six-week summer
internships ($1500) in a research lab at
UIC. They will also receive substantial scholarships if they wish to
enroll at UIC. No participant will go home
empty-handed - they will receive prizes like free tickets to local
museums and sporting events, books, souvenir
T-shirts, caps, etc. UIContest will be covered in local and campus
INFORMATION:  For more information, http://outreach.vcaa.uic.edu ;
e-mail:  [EMAIL PROTECTED] ; or contact: 

Ms. Janis Hayden, Department of Physics, University of Illinois at
Chicago, 845 W. Taylor Street (MC 273),
Chicago, IL 60607-7059 ; Tel. (312) 413-2797 ; Fax (312) 996-9016.  
Uday Sukhatme
Interim Vice-Provost for Academic Programs
Professor, Department of Physics
Office of Academic Affairs (MC 103)
2731 University Hall, 601 South Morgan Street,
Chicago, Illinois 60607-7127
Tel: (312) 413-7636 ; Fax: (312) 996-0324

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