I would think that you would want to include a lot of fiction and
non-fiction to keep it all interesting an strangely relevant.

Douglas Adams - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (An amazing amount of
basic physics and math are used to tell a poignant story)

Kim Stanley Robinson - Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars (Excellent books
about the colonization of Mars, and the geological and sociological concerns
that accompany it.)

Arthur C. Clarke - Rendevous With Rama (Again, more basic physics and
astronomy coupled with a gripping story.)

Alan Lightman - Einstein's Dreams - (A collection of short stories about the
dreams Einstein might have had while developing his theory of relativity.)

The Hot Zone - (True story about the epidemeology surrounding the Ebola

James Trefil - Science Matters (Excellent cursory overview of science in

Randy Shilts - And the Band Played On (Journalism coverage of the political
and public health issues surround the 1981 - 1985 outbreak of AIDS)

Paul De Kruif - The Microbe Hunters (Dramatized stories about the people
that started out looking for the cause of disease under a microscope.
Excellent text on the scientific mode of thought.)

Five Equations the Changed the World (Stories about Einstein, Newton,
Faraday, Bernoulli, and Maxwell (I think) and their now famous work)

Hal Hellman - Great Fueds in Science (Ten stories about fueds between
scientists and other establishments.  The one involving Newton and Leibniz
was excellent!  Newton was such a jerk.)

Richard Feynman - Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman (The autobiography of a
truly inspirational and brilliant man.  He applied his line of thinking to
everything he did and accomplished more than anyone could think possible)

Mike Davis
Science Theatre Productions

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