The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
(CSICOP) and Skeptical Inquirer magazine are pleased to announce the launch
of the Students for Science and Reason (SSR) Program - the latest development
in our continuing effort to reach out and provide outlets for skeptics of all
 Membership in the SSR is free and open to student groups and individuals,
university faculty and high school teachers, as well as off-campus supporters
and local groups.

 The purpose of the Students for Science and Reason Program is to develop a
skeptical presence on university, college and high school campuses across the
world, raise awareness about the need for critical inquiry in all realms and
provide a voice for science and reason - increasing its volume to global

 The mission of the organization is to promote science, skepticism and
critical inquiry through educational programs, outreach efforts, events and
activity. The primary tools of our mission are education and investigation.

 The program will unfold via the Internet at

 Students for Science and Reason is a science and educational-based program
rather than a primarily activist organization. SSR restricts itself to
empirically-based claims - those ideas and beliefs that can be objectively
tested and potentially verified.

 Programming and development for this first year will include reaching out to
students and educators around the world, securing representation within
schools across North America and working to develop resources and programs
for campus communities and local area efforts. Joint projects with the Young
Skeptics Program ( and other CSICOP developments
will also be undertaken.

 Site visitors and CSICOP and SSR members are encouraged to support our
efforts by signing:

 The Skeptical Perspective:

 The Skeptical Perspective provides an overview of our position and our
commitment to the tools of science, skepticism and critical inquiry - tools
that generate understanding and knowledge and provide our global community
with the ability to face the challenges of the 21st Century. Challenges that
just got harder.

 Please join us!

 For more information, contact CSICOP Program Director Amanda Chesworth at

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