Are you feeling burned out?  Do you love teaching, but feel tired and
worn down by it?  The Teacher Renewal Program at Chicago Botanic Garden
may be just the thing to cure those career blues.

The Teacher Renewal program focuses on renewing the inner life of the
teacher by deepening the teacher's peacefulness, integrity, and capacity
for wonder, mystery, and community.  To sustain these attitudes,
teachers need space within which to develop their own gifts and to get a
perspective on addressing the inevitable fears and stresses within
themselves and within their students.

This program (now in its fourth year and facilitated by Bliss W. Browne,
President of Imagine Chicago), consistently garners high marks from
graduates for its profound impact on both their personal and
professional lives.

WHO:  Open to a total of twenty-four educators drawn from the Chicago
Public Schools and public, private and parochial schools in Chicagoland.

HOW:  For more information or to register, contact Marie Bernardy at
Chicago Botanic Garden at (847) 835-8280 or
[EMAIL PROTECTED]    Further details below.

The educators gather at the Chicago Botanic Garden for four weekend
retreats which run from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.
Reflection work is done in large-group, small-group, and solitary
settings, and are organized around seasonal themes that make use of arts
media, stories from personal journeys, classroom practice, and insights
from poets, storytellers, and various wisdom traditions.  Teachers
rediscover their own gifts and "inner teacher" and grow in ways that
nurture their own spirit and capacity to listen constructively to
themselves and others.  The overnight structure allows opportunity for
informal dialogue and interactions, and gives participants time to
decompress, rest and focus.
FALL (Nov. 2-4, 2001) We Teach Who We Are: Identity and Renewal
WINTER (Feb. 1-3, 2002)         Darkness, Dormancy and Death
SPRING (May 3-5, 2002)          Paradox and Possibility
SUMMER (Aug. 2-4, 2002)         Community and Abundance

WHERE:  The retreats take place at the Chicago Botanic Garden with hotel
accommodations provided nearby at the Courtyard by Marriott hotel.

COST:  The total cost of running this program is $1500 per teacher for
the year, including lodging, meals and all program materials. Cost
sharing is as follows, per teacher:
                Paid by the school:             $400
                Paid by the teacher:            $400
                Subsidy from other grants:  $700

**Payment is due on or before the first retreat in November.
**Schools may make use of Eisenhower professional development funds for
the cost-sharing.

Amy Southon
Manager, School & Teacher Services
Chicago Botanic Garden
(847) 835-6832
fax (847) 835-8257

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