Wow, lots of great things happening for science education in the Chicagoland
area. For those who don't know, Lillian is _the_ authority on physics
education research, and has developed several near-classic lab manuals and
textbooks. I used much of her material in my physical science classes many
years ago, and it's top notch.

Her approach to research is very scientific--and will be refreshing for
other curriculum developers, researchers, or policy makers who can attend.
Highly recommended.


September 24, 2001 

To: Physics teachers

From: Thomas Rossing
      Northern Illinois University

     We have been able to reschedule the visit by Professors Lillian
McDermott and Paula Heron, that was canceled last Spring, for October 5
and 6.  These two leading researchers in Physics Education Research at
the University of Washington are very much in demand, and we are very
fortunate to be able to bring them to NIU with support from the Graduate
Colloquium Fund. 
    Professor McDermott will lecture to the Physics Colloquium at 3:30 on
Friday, Oct. 5 on the subject "Bridging the gap between teaching and
learning: The role of research."  On Saturday, Oct. 6 9:00-12:00 in (the
Conference Room), Professors McDermott and Heron will conduct a hands-on
workshop in FW 227.
    To make this a true hands-on workshop, we need to limit the number of
participants.  Therefore advance registration is required.  I am happy
to inform you that there are still some openings in the workshop, and
they will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  You are
strongly urged to register as soon as possible.  The Colloquium on
Friday is open to everyone, of course, teachers or students.
    Professors Mc Dermott and Heron have given workshops on physics
learning all over the world.  The have developed a laboratory based
curriculum Physics by Inquiry and a supplementary curriculum Tutorials
in Introductory Physics.  The workshop will be partly based on these
materials.  This famous team gives these workshops at professional
meetings but rarely at individual universities, and we are fortunate,
indeed, to have this opportunity.
    Professor McDermott is one of the foremost authorities on physics
education in the world.  She has received many honors, including the
Robert A. Millikan medal and the Oersted medal for her contributions to
the teaching of physics.  She recently served on a National Research
Council committee on development of an addendum to the National Science
Education standards.

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