The Scientific Linux Distribution servers are now available.
From: Bonnie King <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2016 2:41:57 PM
To: scientific-linux-users
Subject: Scientific Linux Distribution Server downtime September 17 2016

Dear Scientific Linux Users,

On Saturday, September 17, the Scientific Linux distribution servers
hosted at Fermilab will be down for facilities maintenance.

The SL servers will be unavailable from 04:20 CDT (09:20 UTC) on
September 17 until approximately 17:00 CDT (22:00 UTC), September 17.

The following domains are affected:

If your hosts are configured to use the Fermilab repositories at any of
the above addresses, yum and other downloads will fail. If this will
adversely affect your operations, we encourage you to use one of the
mirrors listed at:

We will communicate any plan changes or updates via this list.

- Scientific Linux Development Team

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