Last week, a leader of the Gnome project spoke to our 
local Linux user's group.  He had a new Lenovo laptop
running Gnome 3 with the Wayland replacement for X.  He
could NOT get his HDMI port working with our projector;
that's the first time we've had that problem in years.

I offered my ancient SL6/Gnome2 laptop, but he demurred
and went without slides.  It seems that the Gnomesters
are building another incompatible tool, this one to
replace LibreOffice Impress.


Harrumph.  If and when support for SL6 ends, and I must
upgrade my laptop to SL7, I will use MATE.  The Gnome
project has lost touch with reality.


Keith Lofstrom
Don't waste your vote in 2016!  Give it to the Republicans
and Democrats, and they will gladly waste it for you!

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