On 10/07/12 14:17, Mark Stodola wrote:
On 07/10/2012 07:59 AM, Freak Trick wrote:
I have Atheros Ethernet (On Board) which is not detected by the SL 6.2

Ethernet Details:

[root@localhost compat-wireless-2012-03-12-p]# lspci | grep Ethernet
02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR8151 v2.0
Gigabit Ethernet (rev c0)

After looking up various internet resources, I came across:
The site has the required drivers. I am going as per the instructions
mentioned to compile and install the drivers, however I get the
following error:

[root@localhost compat-wireless-2012-03-12-p]# make
make -C /lib/modules/2.6.32-220.23.1.el6.i686/build
M=/home/sunhost/Downloads/compat-wireless-2012-03-12-p modules
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/kernels/2.6.32-220.23.1.el6.i686'
CC [M] /home/sunhost/Downloads/compat-wireless-2012-03-12-p/compat/main.o
In file included from

from <command-line>:0:

error: static declaration of ‘irq_set_affinity_hint’ follows non-static
include/linux/interrupt.h:218: note: previous declaration of
‘irq_set_affinity_hint’ was here
make[3]: ***
Error 1
make[2]: ***
[/home/sunhost/Downloads/compat-wireless-2012-03-12-p/compat] Error 2
make[1]: ***
[_module_/home/sunhost/Downloads/compat-wireless-2012-03-12-p] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/kernels/2.6.32-220.23.1.el6.i686'
make: *** [modules] Error 2

I would be thankful for any help provided in resolving the issue.


You might want to try the various atl drivers from ELrepo (elrepo.org).
They maintain current drivers for a lot of devices not generally
supported by TUV. I think you'll want kmod-atl2. If you find that none
of the ELrepo drivers work, it might be worth contacting them to get the
correct one built and added to the repository.


I think the atl1c driver in kmod-compat-wireless might also support that device, but first we really need to see the vendor:device ID pairing to be able to advise further.

Please post the output from the following command (note this is on one line):

for BUSID in $(/sbin/lspci | awk '{ IGNORECASE=1 } /net/ { print $1 }'); do /sbin/lspci -s $BUSID -m; /sbin/lspci -s $BUSID -n; done

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