There was a last minute issue that had to be fixed. The following multilibs were missing from the x86_64 install tree .


These have been added to the install tree and the DVDs have been reimaged.

Thanks to Stephan Wiesand for finding this issue.

We expect to release this on January 30, 2014 if there are no issues reported.

On Wed, 22 Jan 2014, Connie Sieh wrote:

Scientific Linux 6.5 RC 2 i386/x86_64


Network Install Images:

DVD Install Images:

Changes compared to 6.5 BETA 1

    Install DVD and Everything DVDs support UEFI in "non secure" mode.

If there are no big issues this will be released as 6.5 on January 27 ,
2014 .

-Connie Sieh

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