On 2014-02-06 21:35, Konstantin Olchanski wrote:
> Hi, there! As you may know, current SL6.4 default installation configures yum 
> for "6.x". In this mode,
> when 6.5 comes out, the system will automatically self-update. While new to 
> have done it this way since the 5.x days with good effect. For example, the 
> few computers I run
> at CERN just recently self-updated to 5.10 and 6.5 without any issues.
> So, with some trepidation, I was waiting for SL6.5 to show up and see if my 
> computers
> will self-update successfully or crash and burn in flames.
> So 6.5 is here, and I am so disappointed because exactly nothing happened.
> And a few glitches I need to report:
> a) the self update to 6.5 is not happening because "yum" broke - the error 
> is: Error: failure: 
> repodata/b2f5801fbcee3722b2bd03d00d2a725c211a795bcdb6918c45558d9fb5499f7d-filelists.sqlite.bz2
>  from triumfcs-mirror-sl-devtoolset: [Errno 256] No more mirrors to try.
> I guess some kind of mismatch in the devtoolset repository.
> To get past this this error, I do "yum clean all". (nightly scripts used to 
> do a "yum clean", but that was taken out recently?)
> b) next glitch is with the configuration of our local mirror of SL 
> repositories. "yum update"
> runs correctly, but then starts downloading packages from the main SL site 
> instead of using the local mirror.
> It turns out that the local mirror is defined like this:
> [triumfcs-mirror-sl]
> name=Scientific Linux $releasever - $basearch
> baseurl=file:///triumfcs/mirror/SL/$releasever/$basearch/os
> So until sl-release is updated, it points to the previous release 
> ($releasever).
> A fix is to "yum update sl-release", then "yum update" starts using the local 
> mirror and
> the reset of the update runs successfully.
> Since 6.4 and 6.5 are "frozen" I doubt anything can be done to fix these 
> glitches, but maybe for 6.6 something can be done?
> Certainly glitch (b) is kind of nasty as everything appears to work 
> correctly, except for
> overloading the central SL distribution servers and for running up 
> unnecessary network traffic charges.

There is hope,

try running
$ yum --releasever=${RELVER} update sl-release

Since I'm running also a internal mirror the first thing I do is to
disable all external repos with by extending the site conf with 'enabled=0'.

The second is to install a conf file pointing to my mirror and and using 
explicit release ver.

Updating is done with a small script this way


# allow yum to install everything without asking

yum clean all

# scientific update to latest release
yum ${YesToAll} --releasever=${RELVER} update sl-release
yum ${YesToAll} clean all

yum ${YesToAll} update glibc\* yum\* rpm\* python\*
yum ${YesToAll} install yum-plugin-downloadonly

yum ${YesToAll} clean all
yum ${YesToAll} --downloadonly update

#yum ${YesToAll} update
#shutdown -r now


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