I am facing a strange issue here : I have installed SL6.2 on several  Dell 
powerdge R720xd, and on some of them, the installs stopped  before the 
reposetup step.
I could get a console, play with the logs (I did not save them,  I regret 
that), network was up, but there was absolutely nothing going on.

I've read it could be because the networkmanager may think the network is down 
(while it's not), would fail to bing it up (because it's already up), and that 
could be what would prevent the install from going on...
If I do restart the nodes, there is a chance they will install, and another 
chance I might need to reboot again.

The nodes are booting on a 10G Ethernet card labeled p2p1 (Broadcom Corporation 
NetXtreme II BCM57810 10 Gigabit Ethernet (rev 10)) , and the em* devices 
aren't connected.
The pxelinux passes this kind of arguments to the kernel : 
ksdevice=00:0a:f7:24:xx:xx network kssendmac nomodeset
The kickstart contains this : network --bootproto dhcp -hostname myhostname

Any idea of what could be done to prevent this kind of thing from happening ?

Thanks && regards

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