On 03/01/2014 01:14 AM, David Sommerseth wrote:
> On 28/02/14 18:29, dg wrote:
>> Dear SL list,
>> Any advise if Evolution Email client is more secure and manageable
>> than Thunderbird would be most welcome?
>> I do recall an article in IEEE Spectrum by as security guru
>> recommending both Evolution and Firefox, but that was perhaps 4 or 5 
>> years ago.
>> Recently awakened from a coma and seem to have messed up T'bird by
>> trying to do an account export, the inbox is now a new additional
>> account!. Some things I would prefer to retain are the tree
>> structure, filter preferences and folders. And the IEEE emails.
>> And if evolution, whether it may be preferable compile from source or
>> plain vanilla for SL6.5 rpms? Already have clamav installed.
> I have used Thunderbird for most of the time since the beginning, and
> I've tried Evolution from time to time too.  It all boils down to
> personal taste.  I find Thunderbird slicker for e-mailng.  However, I'll
> give credits to the Calendar and Contacts integration if you have access
> to CalDAV and CardDAV services in Evolution.
> Many of my colleagues prefers Evolution over Thunderbird.  So ... it's
> all about personal taste.
> Compiling Evolution from source is probably not advisable on SL.  Use
> what's provided in the repositories.  Those packages have most likely
> been through some kind of testing in upstream before it hits SL.  In
> addition, security fixes and important updates comes too.  And it might
> be quite hard to compile Evolution from scratch, if you try a too new
> version - as the GNOME and GTK libraries in SL6 might not be API
> compatible with what newer versions of Evolution provides.
> If you want something more bleeding edge software, SL might not be the
> best option.  If you prefer stability and more trustworthy updates, then
> SL is the right option.
> --
> kind regards,
> David Sommerseth
Dear David,

Thank very much for such kind advice.
Shall give an evolution a birl and whirl on a VM, gird and cleek stryle, as one 
of my grandmothers said "we had one of those but
the wheels fell off"

Om mani padme hum,

David Greig

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