On 03/12/2014 12:24 PM, Michael Morgan wrote:

  The luci package distributed with at least SL6.5 is missing some necessary
options in /usr/lib64/python2.6/site-packages/luci/lib/ricci_communicator.py.
Specifically around:

def resolve_cluster_version(uname_str):
     if 'Santiago' in uname_str:
         return (3, 'RHEL', uname_str[uname_str.find('6.'):].split(' ')[0])
     elif 'Tikanga' in uname_str:
         return (2, 'RHEL', uname_str[uname_str.find('5.'):].split(' ')[0])
     elif 'Nahant' in uname_str:
         return (1, 'RHEL', uname_str[uname_str.find('4.'):].split(' ')[0])

  It can't currently determine SL's cluster version from /etc/redhat-release.
This causes problems with the web interface since certain options require the
cluster version to be set properly (ie. available fencing device types).

  Let me know if any other info is needed. Thanks.


Hi Mike,

I've placed an altered package in the sl-testing repo.

Can I have you examine it and see if it corrects your issues?


Pat Riehecky

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