On 03/22/2014 06:31 AM, ToddAndMargo wrote:
Hi All,

I just created my first bootable Live CD flash drive
with Fedora Live USB Creator.  I gave it 2 GB of
Persistent Storage.  I burned to the stick.



1) when I boot from the flash drive, if I install
anything, such as Firefox, will it stay installed or
is it volatile?

2) my motherboard does not support USB boot devices.
Is there a way to get KVM to boot from it?

3) the stick is USB 2 with 24 MB/s read and 20 MB/sec
write.  How long do you think it should take to
boot?  Any faster than a DVD drive?

Hopefully I will not have to wa Fedora Live USB Creatorit for a customer's
computer to test this.  Maybe the next one I
build (got three coming up).

I have had the expeience of DVD drives on new el-cheap-o
HP desktops breaking on me when I try to boot from
a real Live CD.  Very frustrating.  And the customer never
wants to replace the thing as they don't use it
or even know what it is for.

Many thanks,

On 03/22/2014 04:09 AM, Urs Beyerle wrote:> Hi,

1) If you have done it correctly, changes (including install of
software) will be persistent. Be aware that if the changes uses more
than 2 GB (your persistent storage size), your USB stick will no longer
boot! See also http://www.livecd.ethz.ch/usbdisk.html -> "Data
Persistence and its Limitations"

Hi Urs,

Thank you!

I was using


for the directions.  I had to learn the hard way that the
utility was expecting a FAT32 formatted drive.  That it would
not overwrite everything and set up from scratch.  I just added
to whatever was there, if it found a FAT32 format.

2) Doing a google search:

That was easy.  I was trying to figure out how to get the stick
to mount as an ISO or a CD\DVD drive.  Never occurred to me
that it was just another hard drive.  Should have, but it didn't.

3) 1x DVD read is 1.3 MB/s (10.5 Mbit/s), so a 24X DVD drive will be
about 30 MB/s. I guess there is no speedup using a USB 2 flash drive.

So, slower that a full out DVD drive but much
faster than an el-cheap-o drive in most laptops.

Thank you for the help.  Got me up to speed pretty quick!

Found a bug in the Fedora Live USB Creator: when you pick out
your iso, you have to double click on it to get it.  If
you single click and press open, your get some other file
in the directory.


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