On 03/26/2014 03:36 PM, Boryeu Mao wrote:
For my SL 65 ('livecd-iso-to-disk' from SL 65 liveCD), I made an
kernel update (from  2.6.32-431.1.2.el6.x86_64 on the liveCD) to
2.6.32-431.11.2.el6.x86_64 (rpm packages in the Scientific Linux
security folder, for kernel, kernel-firmware, kernel-header, and
kernel-devel).  I have two questions regarding the upgrade.

(1) The 'rpm --upgrade kernel*' generated the following messages:

-------------------- messages begin
/sbin/weak-modules: line 150: $tmpdir/extra-symvers-$module_krel:
ambiguous redirect
sort: stat failed:
/tmp/weak-modules.rXs3ME/extra-symvers-2.6.32-431.1.2.el6.x86_64: No
such file or directory
join: extra operand `/tmp/weak-modules.rXs3ME/modvers'
Try `join --help' for more information.
-------------------- messages end

Are these messages severe enough that the upgrade should be considered
a failure, and if so, how could the upgrade be done properly (via
'rpm' and packages)?

(2) I went ahead with a reboot, which failed when the password for the
overlay home directory became unrecognized.  Would this be a
side-effect of (1) above, or did I miss something in the kernel
upgrade that caused this.  Along with the kernel, other packages in
the security folder also upgraded are: firefox, net-snmp,
selinux-policy (which were all un-eventful).

Because of the failed boot, I am running off a backup DVD currently,
and would like to know more about the problems before attempting a
repair.  Help and pointers would be greately appreciated and thanks in


For making updated SL 6 media, we suggest using revisor.

Our official documentation on this is at: http://www.scientificlinux.org/distributions/6x/build/sites/view


Pat Riehecky

Scientific Linux developer

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