On 2016-04-01 21:07, Yasha Karant wrote:
> My spouse's laptop appears to be failing in hardware -- there are repeated 
> errors coming from the SL 6 boot screen including what appears to be a 
> failing hard drive (but this could also be the mother board disk controller).
> As we cannot afford a linux certified laptop, and I plan to upgrade her to a 
> machine that is provisioned for 64 bit operation, we will need to find a 
> commodity laptop at a big box merchandiser (typically under $500).  However, 
> all of these machines will have MS Win preinstalled.  In the past, if we are 
> considering the purchase of such a machine, I have inserted a bootable 
> standalone with Xwindows and network SL DVD -- if all of the hardware is 
> recognized (that is, drivers exist), we will consider the machine.  If the 
> machine has proprietary MS Win hardware (drivers not part of the "stock" SL 
> distribution), we look elsewhere.
> Is SL-72-x86_64-2016-02-03-LiveDVDkde.iso 
> <http://ftp1.scientificlinux.org/linux/scientific/7x/x86_64/iso/SL-72-x86_64-2016-02-03-LiveDVDkde.iso>
>  the correct image to burn to a DVD to be able to perform the above test 
> (bootable, runs, but does not install anything on the existing hard drive)?  
> I prefer KDE to Gnome 3, but could burn the gnome variant 
> (SL-72-x86_64-2016-02-03-LiveDVDgnome.iso 
> <http://ftp1.scientificlinux.org/linux/scientific/7x/x86_64/iso/SL-72-x86_64-2016-02-03-LiveDVDgnome.iso>).
>  Will this test the WNIC as well as the video and audio cards in the machine? 
>  Are there any predefined login/password accounts on the above ISO images, 
> and if so, what account and password?  Typically, there were none.
> Yasha Karant

I read there is a linux edition from the 'Inspiron 15 3000', but I haven't had 
it in my own hands.
Maybe you can find some dedicated linux report.


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