The typical Linux GUI uses a pointing device with three buttons; the center button can be emulated on two button pointing devices by simultaneously depressing both buttons. (Some track balls only have two buttons plus a scroll wheel -- depressing the wheel is the center "button".)

What happens with a laptop that has only a touchpad but no buttons? "Tapping" on the touchpad performs the MS Win 10 "button" functions, but what about Linux use? Can one configure the touchpad so that a specific set of regions work only for "tapping" and thus emulate a button, and the rest works as a regular
"glide" pointing device?

If not, is the only mechanism to use such a machine, without pointing device physical buttons, is to have an external (e.g., USB attached) mouse or trackball with buttons?

Also, are there packages to enable in Linux GUIs, and compatible with EL7, touchscreen devices? If so, does anyone have direct experience with the actual functionality
provided by such Linux packages -- are these end-user usable?

Yasha Karant

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