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> On Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 12:02 PM, <prmari...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Back in the day I use to use neatalk the Linux AFP server but i'm not
>> sure Mac OSX still uses AFP.
> Oh, brother. I used to *publish* the hooks to get CAP, the Columbia
> Appletalk Protocol server, and later netatalk to work for SunOS sytems
> to allow Mac access.
> These days, MacOS clients can use NFSv3 to access Linux hosts quite
> handily. I'd use that, seriously. The tricky part is unmounting
> gracefully: NFS is supposed to be "stateless", but never quite
> achieves it.
> If you need better authentication, then look into CIFS (which Linux
> and various network appliances use Samba to publish), or possibly
> NFSv4 (which has much better user authentication than NFSv3, but is
> more complex to set up).

OS X 10.1 had nfs and smb as well as Apple's pre-OS X afp.

OS X defaulted to afp until smb replaced it in OS X 10.9.

If you set up samba on an SL box and have avahi installed, the SL
box'll show up in the OS X Finder.

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