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> The Ubuntu LTS ("stable" "server" "hardened" "enterprise" distro)
> bootable DVD actually works in the consumer HP laptop my wife may have
> to use.
> The kernel Ubuntu LTS uses is:
> 4.2.0-35.40~14.04.1

That's because you installed 14.04.4.

Had you installed 14.04.3, you'd have 3.19.

Had you installed 14.04.2, you'd have 3.16.

Had you installed 14.04.1 or 14.04.0, you'd have 3.13.

And you could've stayed at whatever version that you'd want to use.

Basically three or four months after the release of a non-LTS version,
its kernel's made available within the latest LTS version; more or

> In this regard, is anyone using Ubuntu LTS in a production
> environment? Is it fact both stable and (reasonably) hardened (e.g.,
> not a consume/enthusiast product such as MS Win or RH Fedora)?


On the desktop, there are far more Windows systems deployed than Linux ones...

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