On 8 April 2016 at 20:07, Bruce Ferrell <bferr...@baywinds.org> wrote:
> I heard a rumor today that said Fermi labs has moved off of Scientific Linux 
> to Centos?

Scientific Linux was at one point a collaboration between Fermi Lab,
CERN and maybe some other groups at Argonne and maybe Brookhaven or
Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. The primary public engineering was
done by Fermi Lab. Some groups at CERN has moved to CentOS with
rebuild of certain packages (primarily from SciLin).

Note that most of the National Laboratories are very large
organizations of hundreds of groups. Some group inside of Fermi may
have moved to CentOS, but it doesn't mean Fermi has moved. This is how
most of these stories happen.. some person at Fermi has their laptop
with CentOS and two days later the story is that Fermi has dropped

As far as I know Fermi Lab has still budget and personal working on
Scientific Linux for the current fiscal year.

> Is this a factual thing?

Stephen J Smoogen.

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