I'm transitioning some machines to SL7.x from ancient
RHEL 5.x.  I am encountering selinux, firewalld, systemd,
and other command-line configured tools, which produce
many little disconnected XML files, rather than the
/etc configuration files I am used to. 

I put lots of comments with observations, intent, hints,
helpful webpages, and other useful information in my
config files, and use those comments to get up to speed
years later, when I repair or upgrade those files. 
This is difficult to do with the *d command-line tools.  

I would expect there would be something like a "dodo"
command, pronounced "dew-dew" (*), an abbreviation for 
"documented do".  This would help document every sudo,
timed and in context with every other dodo, per
subsystem and in sequence.  Syntax errors would be
treated separately, FMM(**) corrections aided.

This seems like an obvious help tool for sysadmin using
the new config-file-free tools, so it probably exists. 
What is it called?  If it does not exist, would someone
please earn fame and fortune by writing it?


(*) dodo pronounced "dew-dew" indicates cognoscenti
who've got their s**t together.  Pronounced "doe-doe",
like the extinct flightless bird, indicates a clueless
newbie.  I hope this is an additional incentive to
snarky tool writers to write this for me.

(**) FMM == frequently made mistakes .  I tend to
repeat typing errors and other brain-o's.  If I make
the same mistake a second time, perhaps months later,
dodo could offer my prior correction.

Keith Lofstrom          kei...@keithl.com

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