I'm working on making the jump from SL5 to 7 (skipped over 6). For SL5 I have a nice shell script that unpacks the official DVD iso, adds/removes a few packages, rebuilds the repo data, tosses in a custom syslinux config and kickstart files, and finally builds a resultant bootable respun iso image.

From a quick search, I found instructions on using revisor for SL6. I don't see revisor in any of the SL7 repos and don't see updated information on the website.

I see this "Context" idea, but it seems overkill and (possibly) network dependent. I want everything to end up right on the install DVD for easy off-line installation. My existing setup has some workarounds and kludges to make it work, and would prefer to attempt to use the modern, accepted method for doing this. Especially for the EFI booting.

Any help or directional pointing is much appreciated. Pat, is the toolset used to build the official images available somewhere for consumption?


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