Now I would use the strongswan (or whichever swan client was available) ‎client 
which integrates into network manager. 

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Ian and Bluejay,

I agree. I am not an expert and have never used Cisco VPN nor
AnyConnect on SL. But, Cisco has completely dropped support
for the VPN client, at least on Mac and Windows OS. I would
use AnyConnect. AnyConnect, I believe, is SSL based, so it
has a much easier time when you need to connect through
a network twisty maze. Just my 2 cents.

I've had really good luck with AnyConnect, at least on Windows
and Mac OSX, FWIW. On those OS platforms, the client will
install easily (browsing to a secure website for the AnyConnect
server, Cisco ASA); and the ASA can automagically issue updates
to the client when the admin decides that would be a good idea.

Again, I can't address the SL aspect of this, but AnyConnect is
the way of the future for the VPN client in a Cisco ASA environment.


Carl Friedberg

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> It appears the CiscoVPN client is version 2.5.6005

I use the Cisco AnyConnect client version 3.1.06073 on SL 5 and 6
machines without incident. Maybe upgrade?

- Bluejay Adametz

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