THE UNFAIR RACIAL CLICHÉ ALERT --  Deadicated to Scatman Crothers  
 "I've seen this in the movies before! The black guy dies!" -Harry Block
(played by Orlando Jones): EVOLUTION 
 Interesting site, especially from a white dude.  He lists a bunch of
movies over the years where the few Blacks are often used as cannon (or
slasher) fodder.  We all know that score. It's only been the last few
years that Blacks have started surviving horror or scifi flicks to the
end. I mean, in "Deep Blue Sea", LL even joked about Brothers never
surviving in such situations, and I know that joke's been told in more
than one movie recently. But I guess we have people like LL, Cube, and
Will Smith to thank for the turnaround.  The site's just a listing of
all the films with little real analysis. In "Deep Blue Sea", for
example, I guess one could argue that Sam Jackson's death is kinda okay
since everyone else killed was white, and a Black man does survive to
the end and is even the hero.
I noticed one error: it states that Sam Jackson was the only Black in
"Jurassic Park". He forgot the old Brother at the very beginning of the
flick. Remember, they were trying to offload a Raptor from a truck to a
cage, and the cage door got stuck. So of course the seventy-year-old
looking Brother climbs on top of the cage, and moments later--"Aagh!",
and "Chomp!"  The whole thing was overseen by the    Australian dude
doing his Great White Hunter schtick. Of course he stood back  from a
safe distance  *looking* menacing with a gun while the help risked life
and limb(s).   When we saw that, my brother-in-law and I turned to each
other at the exact same moment and said "Why'd the Brother have to
die?", to the embarrassment of my wife! 

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