I agree. This ain't basketball or football, where even the best showboaters 
need to understand the concept of the team. Sprewell, Kobe Bryant, even Michael 
Jordan and Jerry Rice couldn't win championships by themselves. They had to 
cooperate with teams, and get good people to give them help. But the Olympics 
is often about individual sports. The ancient games were about the individual, 
and our modern games still celebrate the individual. Isn't that the goal, for a 
man or woman to test himself or herself against the best, to reach deep within 
and find the power they didn't know they had? Yes, that can be done in team 
sports, but for me the Games often boil down to the individual defeating the 
odds.  The team's important, but so's the individual. Is it selfish of him to 
want to win an individual medal over a team one? I don't think so. Given the 
chance the measure ourselves against the world, wouldn't each of us want to 
test ourselves in the ultimate way:  i know I would.

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From: "Meta" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
--- In scifinoir2@yahoogroups.com, buky90 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> did you know that the only reason he was basically at the olympics
was for
> the chase position?? he and his TEAM had been doing there thing for
years he
> been placing recently and then he gets to the oly he drops them.
he's got no
> heart or honor
According to the Dutch papers his main pursuit has always been the race
he won. He's a clear favorite of the Dutch speedskating circle and
since I know the Dutch are seriously knowledgeable about this sport,
I'll go with their opinion of Davis. I personally don't know him so I
sure don't
feel I or anyone else have the right to question either his heart or
his honor. I do know that by next week or sooner most Americans won't
even be able to tell you the name of even one member of the
speedskating team,even if their lives were at stake, so I'm going back
to real life mode. I still like that he won.


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