Hi every one:    I want to do some region analysis for 2d/3d block. I saw the 
skimage.measure.regionprops is very powerful. But if we can add some feature 
    1. I want to got every 3d block's surface area.     The regionprops's area 
for 3d object meas volumn and the perimeter is only2d, I think the method 
skimage to cound perimeter works for 3d surface, binary_outline it then 
convolve with a 3*3*3 weight matrix.   Another function is march_cubes, it 
returns a series of face and normal vector, but if we can return a index or a 
lable array, to indicate which faces are in a same block?
    2. I see the regionprops is based on pixels analysis, and in some feature, 
wo must to copy a new image, I think we can do some work by vector. We can 
count many feature by contours (except the one need intensity_image).
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