struberg wrote:
>> And why you don't want to use this structure ?.
> I guess the main argument is that eclipse cannot nest projects, so there's
> no way to edit your parent pom (+ parent site, etc) with eclipse (instead
> you have to vi + svn commit on the command line).
> BUT: My gut feeling tells me that this is no maven-scm problem but a
> problem within the maven-release-plugin. Can anyone shed a light on this?
> So I agree with Chris that we should address this issue, but also with
> Olivier that this should not hinder us from releasing maven-scm.
> LieGrue,
> strub

Yes it is an eclipse related issue.

Yes this is occuring during a release:prepare, however, surely it must be
the SCM that is doing the commit? It is just being called internally by the
release plugin. Hence, an SCM issue.


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