I'm trying to use the changelog with Perforce but after some
investigation it appear that the SCM provider for Perforce in not
creating the necessary client.  The changelog plugin executes this


p4 -p perforce:1666 -c
JACKSBRR-LW-CT-JACKSBRR-MavenSCM-C:\Projects\SuperPOMs\espn filelog -t
-l ...


It must be failing silently because when I try to execute the same
command I get this error:


... - must create client
'JACKSBRR-LW-CT-JACKSBRR-MavenSCM-C:\Projects\SuperPOMs\espn' to access
local files.



My changelog config is:














                            <dateFormat>yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss</dateFormat>











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