Pensock, John a écrit :
Looking at a snippet of shows:

 * @author <a href="[EMAIL PROTECTED]">Emmanuel Venisse</a>
 * @version $Id: 540597 2007-05-22 14:32:28Z evenisse $
public abstract class AbstractScmMojo
    extends AbstractMojo
     * The SCM connection URL.
* @parameter expression="${connectionUrl}" default-value="${project.scm.connection}"
    private String connectionUrl;

     * The SCM connection URL for developers.
* @parameter expression="${connectionUrl}" default-value="${project.scm.developerConnection}"
    private String developerConnectionUrl;

I would have thought that the annotation for ‘developerConnectionUrl’ would be:

* @parameter expression="${developerConnectionUrl}" default-value="${project.scm.developerConnection}"

Being new to Maven plugins, am I misunderstanding something?

We can use the same expression for both as it is a CLI parameter and we need 
only one connection url for the plugin execution.


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