Hi Mary,


I think you are looking for the scm:bootstrap goal.



It also seems like you might be misunderstanding the way to use Maven 
(understandably, due to your experience with Ant):


Ant, AFAIK, is basically a way of expressing scripts.

Maven, however, describes the project so that plugins can do the work 
previously done by your scripts.


With this in mind, I think you should be doing the following:

Create a POM _in_ your project, so that building it will work (locally, 
independent of the source-fetching problem)


Then, for your fetch+build problem, do the following:

*       Either bootstrap from the POM (fetch the tag's POM manually, then exec 
mvn scm:bootstrap on it), this will require you to:

        *       Setup the scm elements 
(<scm><connection>scm:svn:svn://host....</</) in the POM.
        *       Fill in the scm plugin configuration so it knows what goals to 
run (if not the default goal)


*       Or bootstrap manually, by specifying the needed elements on the command 
line (mvn scm:bootstrap -Dparam=value ...)





Jonathan Winterflood

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De : Hunt, Mary [mailto:mary.h...@yale.edu] 
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Objet : SCM and CVS Export


I am new to Maven2, and but am an experienced Ant user.  I am trying to write a 
pom that will do the following:

1.  Export source from CVS repository based on a tag

2.  Compile and package the exported source.


I have 2 problems.

1.  When I export the source from CVS it creates a duplicate folder structure.  
See below...



             <!-- <configuration>























The exported source ends up in target\exported-sources\target\exported-sources. 
 I would expect that it would end up in target/exported-sources.

The working directory indicated at this time is:  Working directory: 
C:\Projects\Maven\cimp-app\target\exported-sources (which is now empty except 
for a new target directory.


2.  What I really want to happen at this point is for the remainder of the 
build to operate on the exported sources, but that is not happening.  I end up 
having to run my mvn package command separately on the pom in the 
target\exported-sources\target\exported-sources.  With ant, I did not have this 
issue, and I think I am stuck in some wrong-thinking about how to use maven2.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Mary Hunt 
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