Our Subversion repository follows the following direction convention:


When a new project is created from an archetype, it is create in a
directory named <artifactId>.  We're struggling to find a way to check
the new project in to Subversion without the need to manually rename the
project directory to "trunk" before adding it to Subversion.  We also
want to avoid the structure: /<groupId>/<artifactId>/trunk/<artifactId>


Since the developers all work with M2Eclipse, it would be preferable for
the solution to be seamlessly in Eclipse, but right now any solution
would do.  Note that we haven't found a way to rename the project
directory in Eclipse at all, so perhaps a solution within Eclipse will
not be possible.


One thing that may help here is that I think I once saw an archetype
that created multiple projects, but I have no idea now where that was.
In fact we don't need multiple projects, but perhaps there's some trick
in such a setup which would allow us to change the directory created by
M2Eclipse, while keeping the same Project Name as specified as the
<artifactId> during project creation from the archetype.


Any suggestions, pointers to other discussions, documents, etc
gratefully received.




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