Hi there. I'm using the SCM Plugin from within a Mojo and am trying to figure out how to determine if a given directory (D) is a working set of a given SCM URL (U).

The context is that I need to check out U or update it if it exists.
The plan is to
- check out U to D if D does not exist,
- update D if D is a valid working directory of U,
- display an error if D exists and is not a valid working directory of U.

What I tried is to call ScmManager.status(...), ScmManager.list(...) and ScmManager.changelog(...) and try to guess something from their results but that didn't work. The results from status() and changelog() always return something positive (isSuccess() = true, getChangedFiles() = valid List, no exceptions to catch), whereas list() throws an exception for me in any case.

The ideal solution would be independent of the actual SCM system and a specific ScmVersion.

Thanks for your help!


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