The remove scm command exists (for perforce it's here [1] ) but not
currently available tru a mojo.
If you use your own mojo you can use this command (see various scm
mojos here [2] )
Or If you want a RemoveMojo : patches are welcome :-) .

Olivier Lamy


2011/4/5 Paul Mackinlay <paul.mackin...@db.com>:
> I'm planning to use the SCM plugin with perforce in order to replace a
> legacy system. One of the requirements I have to ensure that files are
> marked for deletion appropriately. I didn't find a specific SCM goal for
> file deletions (such as scm:delete) but I imagine it is taken care of with
> scm:checkin. By this I mean that if a file that used to be in a particular
> location is no longer there, when scm:checkin is executed the file is marked
> for delete.
> Can anyone confirm if that is the case? If not are there any suggestions for
> meeting my requirement?
> Thanks,
> Paul
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