I'm trying to write a builder which doesn't take a file as a source.
The whole area of source_factory and target_factory in Builders is a
huge mess, and it's impossible to understand why things produce the
results they do.  For instance, one extremely undesirable behavior, of
which I cannot find the source is that if the source isn't given, then
the target assumed to be the source.

Basically, I need something that works like Library() builder.  I
tried to read the code, but after ten delegations of delegations to
delegations to other delegations I've lost track.  Even simpler.  I
want the source to be a directory.  Not a file.  I can write a scanner
that generates all file names given the directory name, but I keep
running into unrelated errors in Scons code which assume too much
about what things can be built and the way to do that, and they are
never right.

Bottom line: isn't there any way to circumvent all the layers of
needless abstraction on top of Node and Builder classes and just have
access to the database and tasks / jobs?  Example would help hundred
times more than an explanation.

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