Great news!

SCons bug tracking officially moved to Github!

After a few missteps we're there.

I'm still trying to figure out if we can put tigris' bug tracker in read
only mode.

All tigris bugs have been migrated and kept their original issue number
unless there already existed a pull request on GitHub with the same number.
In that case they've been added to the end.

All cross references (duplicate,etc) have been maintained.
All attachments have been migrated to:
With links from their original bugs.

Going forward issues on github will allow attachments, but there is no API
to migrate the old attachments in.

Special thanks to Dirk Baechle and Andrew Featherstone for getting the code
most of the way there.

I've updated all the references to tigris which I could find on our website.

SCons Project Co-Manager.

P.S. If you find any web pages pointing to tigris's bug tracker, please let
me know so I can correct the references.
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