Depends how it is used.
If it's used in such a way that the results are then used in a generated
SConstruct to specify full path to the tools, then the logic makes sense.
If they are used to determine if the test should be run and they yield a
path which SCons wouldn't natively find, then yes that's not a good way to
determine if the test should pass.

Are you concerned about some tests in particular which are failing but
being run due to where_is's behavior?

On Mon, Apr 9, 2018 at 12:16 PM, Daniel Moody <> wrote:

> For some of the scons tool tests, the QMTest uses the test where_is method
> to find the existance of the binary to determine if the test should be run.
> Then when the test is actually being run, the environment uses it's Detect
> method to find the binary.
> The test where_is uses os.environ['PATH'] to search in, but the Detect
> method does not. This leads to cases where the os environment
> was run under is different than the default environment path that gets set
> from scons.
> Should the test where_is work similar to the the environment detect for
> determining if the test should be run?
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