I was looking at one of our test in the appveyor CI and I noticed it was
failing due to the 'cl' executable not being found:

This is a case where Visual Studio has been installed, but the C++ build
tools have not. SCons detects the Visual Studio installation and assumes
the C++ build tools will be there.

Usually Visual Studio installs the c++ compiler by default so this is
generally not an issue, however for Visual Studio 2015, the c++ compiler
was not installed by default and when developing on systems where I was
using Visual Studio 2015 install, I ran into this issue myself a few times.
I would then need to go install the C++ compiler for that version to fix it.

Is this a bug? Should SCons detect if the C++ compiler is installed along
with a Visual Studio version, and if the C++ compiler is not there, discard
that version from the list of available MSVS versions to use?
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