Hi Nigel,

thank you!!!

It seems to be the closest, although honestly I am still not sure.... Richard Wood plays a tune which has an F# in it...
but itīs certainly the first transcription which turns up by that exact name...

Itīs not the Massacre of Glencoe (or: Mac Donaldīs Lament) and itīs definitely not the Skinner piece either - I checked in the Harp & Claymore...

My problem her is also, that I love flat keys, but I am not so good in playing them, nor am I really well versed in music theory, so it will take me a bit to figure out the whole thing....

thank you so much for taking the time to dig out this tune!


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On 20 Jun, Eva Aralikatti <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> does anyone by any chance have a copy of the "Lament of Glencoe"? I
> donīt seem to be able to find it in cyberspace...

Can you tell us more? I don't have the record (Richard Woodīs "All
Fired Up"). Could it be "Massacre of Glencoe"? Do you know the
composer? I think Skinner wrote a tune called "Glencoe". Hang on, I
think I've found it... This is a transcription of the way it's played
on a Whistlebinkies record:

T:Great Is the Cause of My Sorrow
T:Murt Ghlinne Comhann
T:The Lament for Glencoe
D:Whistlebinkies 2, 1980
Z:Nigel Gatherer
   c2c c>Bc | e3 e3   |    f2f        f>ec | c>BG B3  |
   a2a g>fg | b3 g2c  |    cf2        f2 e | c3   c2c |
{c}a2a g>fg | b3 g2f  |    g>fe       f<gd | c3-  c2d |
   e2c c>BA | G3 E2g  | {a}b>gf       e2 d | c3-  c3 ||
   c2c c>Bc | e3 e3   |    f2f        f>ec | c>BG B3  |
   A2A G>FG | B3 B,2C | {C}F3         F2 E | C3   C3  |
   A2A G>FG | B3 G2F  | {F}G2 F/E/ {F}G2 B,| C3   C2d |
   e2c c>BA | G3 E2G  |    B>GF       E2 D | C3   C3 |]

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