Dan Shearer wrote:
On Wed, Jun 13, 2007 at 09:53:13PM +0100, William Anderson wrote:

"Eben Moglen, the lawyer behind the GPL family of licenses" = incorrect

For nearly 15 years, if you were a serious GPL violater the FSF counsel
who would carry out the legal moves against you was Eben Moglen.  That's
what "behind" means. When RMS asked Eben to act for him in connection
with his (RMS') GPL2 it was because there was no lawyer behind the GPL
until Eben came along.  Without enforcement the GPL wouldn't be much use
to us.

That doesn't mean he was behind it :) The police are not "behind" they law, since they don't make policy or legislation, they simply enforce it.

Whatever -- let's lighten up, come along and ask him yourself!  I'm clearly
not a primary source, maybe I got it wrong!

It's not about lightening up, when you attribute authorship of the GPL to Moglen and away from rms - and as much as i can't stand rms - it's unfair and it demands correction. Sorry if you see that as unenlightened :)

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