for testing purpose, i wrote a small scrapy script that should find next 
page based on <a> text.
However if i was able to do it in utf-8, i encountrer some issue with web 
page encoded in "windows-1250" while my scrapy script and by default text 
is written in utf-8

let's have a look at: https://www.vsetkyfirmy.sk/autoskoly

the bottom pagination display "Next page" in local language "Ďalšie >> 
<https://www.vsetkyfirmy.sk/autoskoly/strana_2.html>" and i would like to 
retrieve the complete url of this <a> so if we are on the first page: 
https://www.vsetkyfirmy.sk/autoskoly/strana_2.html, if we are on the page 
2, https://www.vsetkyfirmy.sk/autoskoly/strana_3.html, etc...

however this webpage is encoded in "windows-1250" and in my scrapy script 
i'm confused as i use utf-8 and the following code to retrieve the <a> url:
t = Selector(response).xpath('//*[text()[contains(., 

but once done...scrapy says:
ValueError: All strings must be XML compatible: Unicode or ASCII, no NULL 
bytes or control characters

So what should i do to achieve what i want ?


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