If I dont find "No Information" in response.body I want to write the good 
urls to a file.
I am struggling to build the filter.
Also, maybe there is a better way of storing the good urls and then 
crawling back through them once the raw_urls have been 'filtered'?
               def start_requests(self):

                  raw_urls = generate_result_urls(self.YEAR, self.YEARS)
                 for url in raw_urls:
                     yield scrapy.Request(url=url, callback=self.parse)

    def parse(self, response):
        #generate good urls
        # gors to pages, if not info write url to file
        f_ = 'goodurls.txt'

        #look for
        if b"No Information." not in response.body:

          #write response.url to file here

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