On 02/08/2018 03:48 AM, Alex Naumov wrote:
> Please provide more info how do you trying to compile it.
> Did you try to compile something else in your CC environment?
> Let us know how to reproduce it exactly like you doing it.

I'm back working on this after running off to work on some other priorities on 
the same project that needs screen.

With that, screen is now my current priority -- and from what I'm reading on 
automake, 'configure' issues are recommended to take to package maintainers.

 Is there more information I can provide?

 I can profile a user login on the host I do all this work from to help you out 
if you'd like.

it looks like this configure.ac/automake just need a little tuning to provide a 
good configure script.

Let me know how I can help?



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