On Fri, 30 Mar 2018 10:22:06 -0400
Jon Gjengset <j...@thesquareplanet.com> wrote:

> >> I've been trying to enable truecolor support in my screen session after
> >> stumbling upon commit 9668a1ab00fea2096555a33cb962cc865b86e74a[1].
> >> However, `:truecolor on` gives `unknown command 'truecolor'`, and  
> >
> >did you build screen from master branch?
> >
> >Releases are done from screen-v4 and master is development branch for
> >next version (v5).  
> Ah, interesting.
> No, I'm on 4.6.2, but `man screen` still mentions the truecolor option?
> Judging from the Arch Linux install script[1], I should just be seeing 
> the man page included with the packaged release. Maybe it snuck in there 
> unexpectedly?

Yes seems so, I removed it from manpage on screen-v4 branch, so it
should be fixed in next release.


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