Sujet : [Sdk-public] question: what about adding the vesrion number to image
attribute urls so that we can add expiry headers?
De : Gaetano Giunta <g...@ez.no>
Pour : sdk-public@lists.ez.no
Date : 16/12/2009 17:16

> As far as I can tell, a simple fix to the std attribute template for
> ezimage could be done to generate urls like this one:
> http://ez.no/site/var/storage/etc.../image.gif?1
> where 1 is the version number of the image.
> As soon as this is done, the webserver can be configured to add expiry
> headers to image files coming from var/storage that are far away in the
> future (1year, maybe never), optimizing - user response time - server load
you can already do that because the version is already in the URL generated.
For instance in the following URL :

3 is the version number. So each time the image is changed the URL changed to :)

> Of course this does not apply as easily to ezdesign() tpl operator (but
> maybe it could, using ?timestamp_of_the_file instead of the version nr).
that could be nice, but if it would be even better to encourage the use of 
ezjscore operators to include JS / CSS.

Note : I'm going to make a presentation on this topic at the winter conf :-)

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