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> Hi Kartik,
> From where should I get the smpeg source ? (A tarball or a direct link would 
> be handy :-)
 Hmm I had a url for this but I think we had trouble getting smpeg working on 
vista. kmx can best help you here.

> I first tried freshmeat, but couldn't find a download link anywhere there ... 
> then I googled up a page of ftp links which didn't seem to work.
> Finally I did an 'svn co' of the trunk at icculus, but 'autoreconf -i' gave 
> some warnings and an error about the missing macro AM_PATH_SDL. It created a 
> configure script anyway, so I did a './configure ...' just to see what would 
> happen and it terminated with:
> ./configure: AC_TYPE_SOCKLEN_T: command not found
> ./configure: line 15446: syntax error near unexpected token 
> ./configure: line 15446: `AM_PATH_SDL($SDL_VERSION,'
> I'm on MS Windows Vista64.

I am sure Alien::SDL should compile this stuff for you. Did you try to cpan it 
an use the interactive menu to choose for smpeg?
Are you using cygwin, or dmake/strawberry perl, or activestate?
> The SDL_mixer library builds ok without smpeg, but I'd rather include smpeg 
> support if that's possible.

For smpeg on windows, again kmx is your best bet. i will cc his email. FROGGS 
may also be able to help.

> Also (unrelated to smpeg), do you know of any patched IMG_png.c (from the 
> SDL_image library) that caters for libpng15 ?
Not sure have you seen the CHANGELOG that comes with SDL_image or gentoo/debian 
> (No urgency with any of this, btw .... feel free to ignore.)
> Cheers,
> Rob.


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