So, when I have an application, that uses a background image (which is the
origincal background for my question), the appropriate way to "redraw" a
text would be:

- calculate the surface of a text one wants to draw
- store this specific piece of the old surface somewhere
- draw the text

now, when redrawing the text:
- blit the old surface over the text surface
- repeat the above 3 steps for the new text

Or is it done in another way? I'm not that familiar with SDL programming,
maybe I'm just doing it wrong.

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Betreff: Re: SDLx::Text - replace old text?

Le Friday 23 December 2011 21:02:17, Kartik Thakore a écrit :
> > Regarding the surface, SDLx::App is a SDLx::Surface.  That's what I 
> > was referring to.  I don't think it's safe to make any assumptions 
> > about what's behind the text, so it should be the module user's 
> > responsibility to clear whatever is behind it.
> Hmm can we just not make the blit for clearing the text surface? Cause 
> it wraps an sdl::surface.

Don't go that way: next thing user will ask is to restore what was behind
the text on the surface.

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