I'm not so terribly new to Perl but very new to SDL.  I was fiddling with the 
following "Hello, World!"-ish code in the SDL manual:

use strict;
use warnings;

use SDL;
use SDLx::App;

my $app = SDLx::App->new( width=> 800, height => 600 );

$app->draw_rect([ $app->width / 4, $app->height / 4,
                  $app->width / 2, $app->height / 2, ],
                  [ 0, 0, 255, 255] );



and found that changing the alpha portion of the rectangle color (eg fading the 
rectangle out completely via [0,0,255,0]) had no effect on the rendering of the 
rectangle.  I did some searching on this and found some 
 from 4+ years ago, but I'm wondering if there is a simple workaround or an 
approach that has come about since then.

Thank you for your time,


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