Hi all,

the current releases doesnt look that bad, but not quit good yet.

Alien-SDL 1.435_1 ( 11 ALL, 11 PASSes )
SDL 2.541_03 ( 12 ALL, 3 FAILs, 9 PASSes )

These 3 fails are on FreeBSD, twice about sdlx_controllier_interface.t, one about loading a lib (SDL_mixer).

SDL_mixer cant be loaded on this box because it cant find libogg and libvorbis, even when Alien::SDL found it during installation.

So there will be a new dev release for Alien::SDL these days, providing the needed information about installed libs. There will be included a patch about MSVC (ActivePerl on windows) too, after that I hope we will get ActivePerl ppm packages for windows automagically!

Btw, can sombody have a look at the SDLx::Controller::Interface issues?

Cheers, Tobias

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