Yeah, I will look at it again, gotta get some sleep tough.

Kartik Thakore

On 2012-09-20, at 3:04 AM, Guillaume Cottenceau <> wrote:

I didn't know (I don't use it), sorry.

I suggest you to change the year in the README file and all relevant files
(2010 currently, need 2012) and then you can set an official stable version
on your repository. How do you want to handle it, with a branch or with a
Also, can you please remind me how the "2.212.0" perl version is made? I
can't see a relevant file or something in the tree, including Build.PL


On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 8:33 AM, Kartik Thakore <>wrote:

> Really? It has been a while sorry! Also we are on Debian now!
> Kartik Thakore
> On 2012-09-20, at 2:18 AM, Guillaume Cottenceau <>
> wrote:
> No, that depends on debian packager. Check your mail history.
> Le 20 sept. 2012 08:11, "Kartik Thakore" <> a
> écrit :
>> I cc'd Tobias to the email I get from github. Give me your email and I
>> will cc it too. As for beta status that will depend on the original author
>> of frozen bubble. I will cc him too!
>> Kartik Thakore
>> On 2012-09-20, at 2:07 AM, stoecker <> wrote:
>> Well, I'm new to the git-based development (I'm a bit old school). I only
>> see you and me in the mails. Where do I see who your question is meant to
>> be answered.
>> P.S. Any change to get 2.2.1 out of beta state after two years?
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