Hi all!
I just wondered why the article "Writing Games with SDL Perl" isn't part of the SDLPerl website.
There is a web site called sdl.perl.org and his has a lot of (outdated) stuff on SDL and Perl.
But when it comes to content interesting for beginners, all we get is a link to a repo on github where you see the HTML source code of the text (a link to the HTML source code of a web site makes me cry) or a link to a PDF file that ypu have to download before you can open it.
As it's already available as HTML, why exactly aren't we showing it as a web site on sdl.perl.org?
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we interested in new people starting to use SDLPerl? How should one even get started if we put such obstacles in his way?
Having outdated and partial manpages online isn't a good thing, but why additionally hide the good things?
So, enough of the rant. How can I help? What about the following: just put the page online, as first item under "Articles".
Let's make it the first item even if it's not the most recent one. E.g. something called "sticky". Maybe make a bubble to it like "Get started here". Something glassy like that: http://www.clker.com/cliparts/Q/g/q/4/q/4/45-red-star-price-tag-md.png
Is there a way to contribute?

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